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Teonella, for the woman who is conscious about what she wears, specific in her style and bohemian in her heart.
Our jewelry is handcrafted using natural quality metals and gemstones.  Each piece of jewelry contains classic elements with an edge honing in on the ability to mix pieces together.
Designer Kelly Jale creator of Teonella has a 15 year background in design including high end womenswear line Pierrejale featured in various publications, proudly made and designed within Canada. With a 8 year swap into the world of styling she has followed her passion for design through jewelry, launching a fashion conscious brand in 2015
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"I have been following Toronto based designer Kelly Jale and her jewelry line Teonella for months now on Instagram and love her delicate, feminine pieces."
Do you make everything yourself? Yes, Teonella is handmade and locally sourced in Toronto Canada.
What Materials do you use? Sterling Silver, 14KT and 18KT Gold, Semi precious and precious stones
What Inspires you? The Ocean, Surfers, Coastlines, Old French Films (Jon Luc Gordard Breathless) the settings the wardrobe the music, Italy, Abstract Art, Biographies.
Why Design? My love for fashion and the constant desire to design on any level within it.
Where do you sell? Exclusively online for now
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Kelly Jale
Toronto, Ontario Canada